Coastal Swamp Forests

Two Coastal Swamp Forests, one called Waterberry and one called Pigeonwood.  Both are registered as SITES OF CONSERVATION SIGNIFICANCE by eKZN Wildlife and the Dolphin Coast Conservancy acts as 'Guardians'.  The forests are situated in Marian Road South, where their beauty can be explored by arrangement with the conservancy, who hold the keys.  The same type of ecosystem can be found surrounding the Dolphin Coast Caravan Park, where it is possible to walk through the coastal swamp forest by means of a wooden pathway next to the Woodcarver Coffee Shop.

Thompsons Bay

Popular swimming beach with newly reconstructed tidal pool and hole- in-the-wall attraction. A great walk from or to Willards Beach  Chakas High Rock. Part of our cultural history, and an essential stopping off place when on the King Shakas Trail. Also very popular with fishermen.

Chakas Cove

Tidal pools host an abundance of corals.  A popular picnic spot.


Salt Rock

Very good specimens of Barringtonia growing along the edges of the stream which leads onto Salt Rock beach. Main swimming beach, manned by lifeguards. Many surf and sea kayak here as well. Great for early morning and evening walks.


Tiffany's Beach

The reef just offshore is host to an abundance of life and is popular with scuba divers and spearfishermen. Popular surfing spot. Granny’s Pool is a favourite of small children.


Sheffield Beach

Two public parking areas near the northern end of Colwyn Drive provide access to this wonderful, unspoiled stretch of rocky shoreline, where a variety of rocky shore creatures make their home.  Access to the beach means a walk to Tinley Manor is possible for those with a lot of energy.


Tinley Manor

Tinley Manor main beach is not a safe swimming beach, with no lifeguards on duty.  However, there is a tidal pool which is very popular and an adjacent picnic area.  Rock anglers also enjoy this area.