All of the people involved in the formation of the Conservancy remain members today, with the exception of Norman Knutzen, who died last year. Keith Duane, Lyn Raath, Jane Bertram, Simon Bundy, Brian Strode, Alan Hudson and Lionel van Schoor all worked very hard to lay the groundwork, get the finances up and running and our current membership of over 60 Family members and 50 Bodies Corporate shows they they set a good foundation.

Chairman Di Jones’ passionate, hardworking, sensible approach to conservancy has been impressive. She was recently awarded the title ‘Conservationist of the year’ by the Wildlife and Environment Society of SA, (WESSA).  Congratulations Di!  This award was in recognition of her tremendous contribution to the work of WESSA and, in particular, the coast watch project. The citation reads, “She has worked tirelessly to create awareness and appreciation of bio-diversity and the need to protect our local resources. Her constructive and hands-on approach has earned her great respect and admiration, and is helping others to protect these resources for future generations.”

The Dolphin Coast has Ballito resident Lionel van Schoor as our representative from eKZN Wildlife. He and other Patrol Officers and Honorary Officers are all active in our region. Lionel is also part of the Diving Team of eKZN Wildlife, and his knowledge therefore extends beyond the borders of the Dolphin Coast to the marine and coastal areas to our north and south. We have been fortunate to have Roberts & Chaplin audit our books on an annual basis,as a service to the community. 

We have our meetings 6 times a year in the Clubhouse of the Dolphin Coast Striders, and we are very grateful for the free use of their premises.

 The Dolphin Coast is part of the KwaDukuza Municipality, which falls within the Ilembe District.  The Conservancy is also represented on the local Ward Committee (Ward 6), which is chaired by Clr. Colin Marsh and Ward 22, chaired by Clr. Anne MacDonnel.  The conservancy represents the community i.r.o. environmental issues in both these Wards.

We work closely with all of the above bodies and have representation the following Committees, either through representing the Conservancy or Coastwatch/Wessa:

•Provincial Coastal Committee (Representing Coastwatch)
•Provincial Boat Launch Site Advisory Group (Representing Coastwatch)
•Ilembe Coastal Working Group
•KwaDukuza Beach Policy Committee
•KZN Estuaries Committee (representing Coastwatch)

I'm happy to inform Dolphin Coast Conservancy members that this website does not cost four million rand to set up or maintain. But without the generous support of our members and the public, all work we do would cease.

Current Committee members

Committee members are elected each year, although members may be co-opted as and when necessary and then confirmed at the AGM.

Di Jones, Chairman since 2001, Tel. 032 525 8160. She has worked tirelessly and with great sucess over the years, to maintain and improve the environment on the Dolphin Coast.

Maureen Lofthouse, Secretariat/Treasurer, Tel. 032 946 0367. She has done a wonderful job keeping tabs on the finances and recording accurately conservancy matters.

Alett Kimber, Di Jones , Daryl Kimber,  Maureen .